Friendly Toast Boston

Top 5 Reasons why you should spend your Monday night off at the Friendly Toast in Cambridge:

5) You can get a burger almost anywhere, but can you get an Avocado Burger with fresh, ripe, avocado, delicious bacon & balsamic glaze, and crisp green lettuce & plump juicy tomato?  No you cannot unless you are specifically at The Friendly Toast.

4) You think you’ve had grilled cheese before.  But once you try our Mr. Haegar  (a messy melt of dill pickles, cheddar, plum tomatoes, Dijon mustard & horseradish mayonnaise on grilled oatmeal bread) you’ll never look at boring slices of bread with a piddling squared cheese in the middle the same again.

3) Our version of a virgin Mojito is made with vanilla ice cream, mint & lime juice.  Did you like how we managed to say ‘version of a virgin’ so eloquently?  We did and we’re patting ourselves on our back as you’re reading this.

2) PBR & Miller High Life $2.  All. Day. Long. Every. Day  (But you can’t have them all day long, every day, can you because you’re working and that would be really irresponsible right?  You can during Industry Night!)

1) Come to The Friendly Toast in Cambridge Monday Nights after 4pm.  Show us a pay stub as proof of employment and BOOM, 25% off of all our sweet, delicious, food that you know you love.

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